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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:35 am

Today’s blog is based on one of the most commonly asked questions I’m asked by members of my Appointment Generation Bootcamp for Coaches & Consultants…

How can I Launch A Group Program if I’m totally brand new to marketing my business on Facebook?” – in fact, many of my clients have never marketed their businesses at all, let alone using a form of Paid Ads such as Facebook Ads.

Let’s jump in and look at how you can easily move from delivering your services by the hour, typically face to face with clients, to instead finding your clients online PLUS being able to increase your prices!

Step 1 – Identify Your Niche & Find Where They Hang Out on Facebook

Your first step in launching your program is to get totally clear on what you offer, and who for.

Remember – people will make serious investments if you help them make big transformations or get big results – so you must get clear on what you are offering.

If you aren’t yet clear on this – ask yourself some or all of these questions  – what results have I helped clients achieve in the past? Where can I add the biggest value? How can I transform someone’s life? How can I help them get a really big result in a few weeks?  How can I change the way someone thinks, feels or acts permanently?

If you’re new to coaching – ask yourself – where can I add the biggest value fastest to my clients? (by the way – there is no rule that says if you’re new, you MUST start out charging thousands. You may prefer to learn the techniques below to instead master bringing in clients online, then once you’ve got some good testimonials – follow the rest of the process)

Now it’s time to ask yourself, who is your ideal client? Who will want this transformation or end result? You need to get inside their heads – what keeps them awake at night, what are they afraid of, what are their hopes and dreams? WHY do they want this end result?

Finally, you need to figure out where these people hang out on Facebook. It might be worth finding past clients on Facebook, and looking at what pages they follow, what books they read, what movies they watch.  All of these will become interests you can then use to target your Facebook Ads. You will also want to look up competitors and conferences in your area of expertise.

Step 2 –  Create A “Lead Magnet” To Connect Your Audience To You

In order to connect with your target audience – you’ll need to create some form of lead magnet that demonstrates your expertise and shows your prospect that you hold the answers.

The perfect lead magnet is a webinar, ideally automated so you don’t have to constantly run live webinars (here’s my example that brings me in between 80 and 150 signups every single day).

Automated webinars connect best with your audience and help position you as an authority – because people set aside the time to watch and listen to you.

However, you can get started with an ebook, guide, template or anything that demonstrates your expertise (you can see one of mine here – How To Fail At 99% of Your Marketing & Still Make 6 Figures Per Year)

At the end of the lead magnet, offer a link to book in a call with you to discuss getting help with their particular situation.

Step 3 – Now It’s Time To Sell Your Program

Plan out your program briefly – what stages will people need to go through to hit the end result? What “homework” tasks will you need to set them to ensure they stay on target? There’s no need to do ANY other planning at this stage other than a few bullet points. After all, we don’t know yet what specific help our clients will need!

Make sure you’re confident about the investment you’re going to be asking people to make. Are you going to start with $1k, $5k, $10k?Pick a price you’re happy with and then practice saying it out loud to yourself until you can say it without hesitation.

Make sure you have your program plan in front of you during the phone call.

On the phone call, explore ways you can help, help them see why they haven’t got the desired result so far, and then invite them to solve their problem by joining your program.

If you want, you can offer payment options to make it easier for people to say yes to joining your program.

Note – at this stage – your program will be a one on one program.  More on that in the next step….

Step 4 – Deliver Your Program As One to One To Begin With

Your first client in your online program will be an individual coaching client. Here’s how to structure it:

  1. Never record the entire program upfront!  Instead, once you have your first client, book them in for the first call to get started a few days away. Use those few days to plan out the first week’s training on PowerPoint or something similar, and then record yourself delivering the training, your voice accompanying the slides on a tool such as Camtasia
  2. Upload the video to Wistia or another video hosting tool
  3. Create accompanying worksheets as needed and upload to Dropbox
  4. Deliver the training by email with a link to the video and the worksheets
  5. Each week, book in a call with your client and help them stay on track and get the end result
  6. Record the rest of the training as you’re going along, refining as needed based on the questions your client is asking, delivering the training each week by email and continuing to talk to your client each week
  7. Hey Presto! At the end of the program, you have a completed program

It’s a good idea to run the program a handful of times to ensure you have perfected it, with private one on one clients to begin with. Once you’re happy with your program, it’s time for the next stage (if you choose! Some people decide to stay using this format as they prefer one on one for various reasons) …

Step 5 – Now It’s Time To Expand Those Ads & Launch A Group Program

By now you’ve perfected your ads, your lead magnet is bringing in new leads, and you have created your program PLUS you know it works.

Your next step is simply to increase your ad spend, create new lead magnets, and EXPAND rapidly, and launch a group program!

The sky is the limit – how many do you want in your group – 4? 8? 15?

Do you need help implementing this?

I’ve got this process NAILED, and I follow every step of this process every single day for my clients, and in my own business.

If you’d like to talk this process through, identify what’s holding you back, plan out what you need to put it in place and create a step by step plan for launching this right NOW – I’d love to help.

Simply click here to book in a call

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