If you’re managing your own PPC ads you’ll know the hard work that goes into getting everything just right. You probably feel like your ads are working as hard as they can, but what if someone told you they could be working harder? Potentially increasing your impressions and conversion rate. Here are five ways to improve your campaigns making sure you get maximum return-

Improve Your Results!

Improve Your Results!

Optimise Ads For Mobile Use

 Since the launch of enhanced campaigns it is vital that ads are optimised for mobile use. Google are increasingly putting more thought into search for mobile devices which will see an increase in how much we Google on the go. With mobile search use ever growing this is traffic you wouldn’t want to miss out on and ensuring ads are optimised correctly for mobile use means you won’t.

 Currently many users of AdWords are choosing against optimising for mobile because their websites aren’t currently ‘mobile ready’ or they are unaware of the benefits. By choosing to optimise ads for mobile use you can get ahead of your competitors simply because they’re not choosing to take advantage of mobile search.

Review Your Locations

 A big mistake many business owners make with Adwords is not paying enough attention to location based ads which could cause unnecessary clicks costing money. Use previous results to see where most of your conversions are coming from and where you have the most wastage. You can then use this info to allocate your budget by location, putting a low budget on locations that you get a small number of conversions from and increasing your budget on high conversion locations.

 It’s always best to cover all the locations that you think people would search for your services from, but be smart, analyse previous conversions and look at where they are coming from in order to get the most back from your spend and keep up to date with where your sales are coming from to maximise profit through AdWords.

Keep Negative Keywords Up To Date

Unless you’re on the ball when it comes to negative keywords you may find that some of your budget is going to waste and you’re not getting the return you should be seeing. Your list of negative keywords should be extensive and updated if possible on a daily basis every time someone comes through your ad via a keyword that isn’t relevant.

Keeping on top of negative keywords means you can eliminate clicks through irrelevant search terms cutting down budget waste. If you update negative keywords as much as possible when ever necessary this means your ads will get better and better and target those specifically looking for what you do.

Eradicate Broach Match Keywords

Some of us may want to use broad match keywords in order to drive more traffic, but that traffic via broad match often isn’t relevant and will result in a cost for the click with no conversion. To get the most out of your PPC ads eliminate broad match keywords. Whilst they can work in SEO, they don’t often work for PPC and will cost you more money than their worth.

Bring In The Experts

 There’s no denying that AdWords is complex not to mention time consuming. For the average business owner there probably just isn’t enough time to ensure your ads are always working as hard as they can, perfecting every little detail to bring as many conversions as possible.

 To really get the greatest return on your investment consider handing over the control to an AdWords professional or perhaps taking an AdWords course?

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