We rarely take a close look at the structure of the site when it comes to PPC, like we do with SEO. Despite this, it is just as important.

We are going to be looking at the 3 areas of your site that need to be structured correctly in order to get the biggest return out of your PPC.


URL Structure

If you have not setup your URL structure correctly, it can have a negative effect upon your remarketing.

Ideally, your URLs need to follow a cascading format. That way, you can easily add lists of URLs to be remarketed to, and correctly target a whole section of your site accurately.

Without proper structure, the process of tagging different URLs to be used in remarketing takes much, much longer.


Unique Thank You Pages

Similarly to the URL structure, there is an ideal way to structure thank you pages. Remember that the conversion code is placed on the thank you pages, and goals are registered in analytics using it.

Sometimes, the form will resort back to not having a unique URL, which is obviously going to cause problems when it comes to tracking your data.

So it is important to set up unique thank you pages in the correct form for the beginning.


Page Titles

You are able to target certain pages with your ads based on the page titles. For example, you may wish to send ads to very page whose title includes the word “holidays in spain”.

Having well written page titles will allow you to effectively target certain aspects of your site efficiently, allowing you to make the most from your efforts.

With PPC, there is so much work to do. So, being smart about the way you work and setting up your site for success for the beginning will save you a lot of time in the longrun; allowing you to focus your time on things that will have a positive effect upon your ROI.

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