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seo is dead

Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:01 am

We have had enough…

Enough of the claims made by people that never really ever understood SEO.

So no, this isn’t yet another “SEO is dead” article created by a but-hurt business owner that bought 5000 links from fiverr and got his site penalised.

Anybody that is actively in the SEO industry, studying the algorithms and has played with a range of tactics for getting sites ranked will understand that SEO is still alive and kicking.

We study the search engines and constantly analyse sites that are appearing on the front page…

…We take a look at the structure of the site itself and use tools to work out exactly how they have built links to build trust in Google’s eyes. (Yes, links are still important to get ranked, little has changed.)…

…And here’s the thing:

We see big brands ranking highly that have acquired trust through a completely natural process as a result of being a popular brand.

We see sites that were created 2 weeks ago ranking on the front page using some really powerful links from other sites that they either own or negotiated a deal with.

We also see sites that have used nothing but manipulative black-hat type spam; ranking extremely highly for competitive terms.

Admittedly, the spam is crafted more intelligently to be more deceiving than it was a couple of years back, because changes to the algorithm have stamped down on a lot of it.

But the point is, spam still ranks. People are still building links and ranking (We are too). So based on the fact that we are still doing SEO and getting results, and watching as thousands of others do the same, we can confirm that SEO is definitely not dead!

Here’s the bottom line:

If you ever want to figure out if SEO is dead, there is something very simple that you can do.

Ask yourself this: Is there still a search engine that returns content to users based on words and phrases that users type in? Then ask: Does the search engine return that data using some kind of algorithm?
If the answer is yes, then you can be pretty sure that SEO is not dead. For as long as an algorithm (not a real person) decides what content appears for certain queries, it can be fooled or manipulated in some way or another.

Think about it…

There are countless different metrics that the search engines analyses to determine a site that is worth ranking. Practically all of those metrics can be changed in some way by SEOs.

So the next time you read another article that claims that SEO is dead, remember that we and countless others are still here ranking sites on the front page of Google.

seo is dead

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