The Death Of Private Blog Networks?!? (And SEO Forevermore)

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The death of pbns

Last Updated on: 7th May 2024, 10:09 pm

Apparently, it’s that time again…

You know, that time where Google gets fed up of SEOs abusing a certain technique, so they find some way of taking out a few of the guys using the tactic.

Then, they go on to make a big deal about it…

The SEO community goes wild. Some online businesses take a hit to their incomes, and many quit.

It’s all a big PR stunt. It happened with guest blogging, and rest assured it will happen again.

Remember, Google want SEOs to fail miserably so that everybody turns to adwords. (They do make $100 million a DAY from adwords, after all)

Here’s the bottom line.

Yes, some private blog networks were recently deindexed. And yes, certain people did take a big hit to their rankings, and therefore their incomes.

But the people that know how to set these things up properly were mostly fine.

Now, our private network is not particularly big. We just use it to rank a few clients and our own sites.

But because we take care to cover our tracks and hide our networks, and ours is small and targeted, we didn’t take a hit whatsoever. Our rankings stayed the same.

If you take one thing from this blog post than make it this:

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the latest hype surrounding Google and their war against SEOs….

…Instead, take the time to figure out what is really going on; from people that really know what they are doing.

If you want to learn more about the topic, I want to point you into the direction of the guys that know their stuff.

Here are some blog posts for you to check out.

Alex Becker @ Source Wave (Makes $200,000 a month from SEO, and works alongside some of the smartest SEOs around.)

Glen @ Viperchill (His private blog network is worth $150,000. 5% of it was de-indexed. But he makes a TON from his network and will continue to do so…)

The death of pbns

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