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If you aren’t constantly analysing your marketing efforts and refining your strategy based on the data you find, then you are leaking cash.

Social media is no different, and with a wide range of tools to choose from, you have no excuse to get started…

…Let’s look at a few…


Target Influencers With Buzzsumo

Being able to pinpoint the big players in your space is extremely beneficial towards getting yourself known quickly.

You should be reaching out to the other players in your niche and a tool like buzzsumo makes it much easier to do so.

The tool will also allow you to find interesting insights and is perfect for assisting you with the way you use content on social media. You can figure out new keywords to use and twitter chats to join based on popularity, as well as a whole bunch of other nifty things.


Know When to Post With SumAll

The time that you post definitely has a huge impact on the amount of engagement you will receive. If you are posting at a time when the majority of your audience are not online, then you won’t be heard.

Sumall will allow you to gather information about the times that your social posts are working best. You can then choose to only post at times that make the most sense.

Spy on Your Competitors with Rival IQ

With a tool like Rival IQ you can find out exactly what your competitors are doing well and what they aren’t doing so well at.

If they are doing a really good job on instagram for example, the tool can tell you. You can then delve deeper into their strategy on that platform and figure out exactly what it is that they are doing well.

You can also find out other bits of interesting information. For example, if none of your competitors are using a particular platform then it might make sense to jump on there to differentiate yourself.

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