It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing PPC. It doesn’t even matter if you become an expert capable of squeezing every last bit of profit out of any account…

…If you are launching a new campaign, you need a checklist to follow. There is simply too much that goes into a new launch to be able to keep a track of without some kind of guideline.

In this post we are going to be looking at the key areas of any new campaign and providing some basic guidelines that need to be considered for each area.

Let’s get into it…


• Double-check the campaign settings. E.G- Make sure you are targeting the right location and check ad scheduling to ensure the campaign will be live at the right time.
• Make sure your campaign is set to the right network. (Including the display network is a common mistake that people make)
• Check the daily budget. It would be painful to accidentally spend 10x what you wanted to by mistake on the first day.


• Watch out for duplicate keywords.
• Ensure that keywords are in the right ad groups.
• Make sure you are using the right match types.
• Don’t put too many keywords in the same ad group (It will kill relevance, which causes lower quality score and more expensive clicks.)
• Check the negative keyword list.


• Ensure that the headline of each ad matches the keyword in the ad group.
• Make sure you have mobile specific ads if it makes sense to use them.
• Always test 2 different ads against each other in each ad group. Check to confirm.
• Use a relevant keyword in each ad’s display URL if possible.

Ad Groups

• Double-check that correct keywords and ads are in each ad group.
• Check the ad group default bid.
• Confirm you are happy with the naming of each ad group.

Landing Pages

• Make sure every landing page has a powerful call to action.
• Ensure that the content matches the promise made in the ad.
• Make sure that keywords used in the ad are also used on the copy of the page.
• Check navigation and page load time.

Ad Extensions

• Make sure you have used every extension where it makes sense to do so. Every single one can be a benefit if used correctly and makes sense with your business. (sitelink, call extension, location, seller ratings etc)


• Make sure you have included a goal within your analytics which is tied to the ad. This, as well as adding the adwords conversion code to the thank you page is needed to track conversions.
• Make sure you have used the right tracking parameters to the destination URLs of the ads where required.

That’s everything covered. With so much to do with a new launch, it can be hard to keep track of everything. With this checklist, you will be able to set your new campaign live without having to worry about what you might have missed.

adwords checklist


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