You are probably already well aware that your ability to make changes to your advertising and create the biggest return on your investment is largely determined by conversion tracking.

Without proper conversion tacking in place, there is no way of telling what areas are performing well and what areas are performing badly.

When setup correctly, you are able to quickly identify areas that are draining your marketing budget and pause or make changes to them as a result.

The thing is, for many businesses; a large percentage of their conversions will happen over the phone.

Someone will visit the site, spot the phone number, and ring it. No conversion will be tracked. And if you are one of the many businesses that relies upon inbound calls, your conversion data will likely be skewed as a result.

That’s why Google’s announcement to bring in free conversion tracking as part of Google AdWords is very welcomed.

For many years, Google has had call extensions, which tracked the call using a unique phone number on the ad. However, this only applied when a user actually clicked the number on the ad. If they were to click on the ad and ring the number from the website, it would not be tracked.

But with this new change from Google, we will have complete control and be able to track every visitor and determine where that phone call came from.

We will be able to either use a unique phone number for every visitor that visits the site based on the referring URL. Or, we will use unique phone numbers for specific campaigns, allowing us to see which campaign resulted in the call.

We are still waiting for more information to see what this will look like when it goes out live to users, but you can read more about it directly from Google here.

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