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Click through rate

Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:01 am

We can all agree that the higher your click through rate is, the better. But with so many different factors determining CTR, it’s impossible to simply judge CTR without first taking those factors into account.

Before working out whether or not your CTR is good, lets take a little look at some of these factors…


Arguably one of the biggest factors, the relevance across your account will massively determine the strength of your CTR.

Ad copy needs to be relevant to keywords; keywords need to be relevant to the landing page.

This is the first place you should look before determining whether or not your CTR is as good as it could be.



You also need to take into account the fact that CTR differs from each device. Generally, mobile CTR is going to be much higher than desktop and tablet because the paid ads take up most of the screen.


Quality Score

Even if you do a great job with your account, you will sometimes find that your ad rank is causing your ads to appear far below the fold

This could be because the account is new, or you have made mistakes with it in the past.

Either way, this is going to cause your ads to show in a bad position, and your CTR will suffer as a result.



Certain terms are going to have tougher competition than others. For example, the payday loan market is huge, and extremely skilled adwords managers handle these accounts.

You are going to struggle to maintain a high CTR when you are competing in tougher markets.



If you don’t have enough data, your CTR is not going to be accurate. If you have 10 impressions on an ad and receive 10 clicks, that 100% CTR is going to be impossible to maintain.

Make sure you have enough data on your ads before jumping to any conclusions. 



In the same way that mobile almost always has a higher CTR in comparison to other devices, search network text and google shopping campaigns will normally have higher click through rates than display.

With so many different factors affecting CTR, the true answer to the title of this post is really hard to answer.

There is no definitive percentage that marks a good CTR. Instead, consistently focus on these factors, and aim to increase your CTR wherever you can.


Click through rate



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