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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:55 am

Many of us don’t have the time to dig deep through our AdWords accounts on a regular basis.

However, even if you spend less than an hour optimising your account, it’s time well spent…

…Especially when you use some of these strategies, which are quick and easy to implement.


Reduce Your Bids For Keywords With High Conversion Costs

If you don’t have a figure in mind for how much you are willing to spend to get a conversion, then you need to work one out.

From there, you can look through your data and make adjustments to your bids on keywords that are not managing to stick within this figure.

Reducing bids for keywords that are not bringing in the ideal number of conversions is an effective way to keep costs down.

In doing so, you will ensure that you spend less of your budget on the keywords that are not doing very well, leaving more budget for the better performing keywords.

Use The Search Term Report To Add Negatives

Go to the campaign tab and then click on keywords, and then you should see “keyword details”, click on that

When you click on “all”, you will be able to see all of the search terms that your ads showed for within the time period stated at the top right of the AdWords interface. You can even export that data to excel.

You can then look through and identify certain search terms that you don’t want your ads to show for, and add them to your account as negatives.

This is a great, time-efficient way of maintaining the relevancy throughout your account, and preventing wasted clicks.

Adjust The Bidding Strategy in The Dimensions Tab

If your ads have been running for a while, then you will likely have a decent amount of data to work with.

You may find that your ads perform better at different times. People might not be as likely to make a purchase on a Monday as they are on a Friday.

By going into the dimensions tab, you can adjust your bids across entire campaigns based on the day of the week, and even the time of day.

Raising the bids for times where people are most likely to buy is a great way of improving your return on investment, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Rewrite Ad Copy For Ads That Show Often

When split testing ads, it can take a while to go through all of your ad copy and rewrite the worse performing ones.

If you don’t have enough time to change all of the ads, focus on the ones that are appearing the most and getting the most clicks

By sorting the ads by clicks or cost, you can easily identify ads the most important ads in your account. Then, you can focus on changing these, to ensure you get maximum benefit from doing the least amount of work.

It’s really important that you continue to make changes to your AdWords account, even if you think you don’t have long to work on it

Even if you spend an hour a month, you can save yourself money and get more out of your AdWords account.

Thanks for reading.



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