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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:55 am

Relevancy is arguably the most important factor to pay attention to within your AdWords accounts.

A lack of relevancy can cause your ads to get clicked on less, it can cause people to immediately leave your site even when they do click, and it can even result in Google themselves charging you more for your clicks!

So, how is all this possible? And how can we ensure a high level of relevancy throughout our marketing efforts, to ensure we see the very best results?

Let’s find out.

Ad copy – Keywords

First of all, it is essential that every single keyword be inside an ad group that has ad copy that is relevant to the keyword.

If you don’t, people are going to be less likely to click on your ad. (Which will result in Google decreasing your quality score and charging you more for your clicks, which we will cover next)

When your ad appears to Google users, your ad copy will appear bolded if it matches the keyword that they used to search.

So, the more relevant your ad copy is to the keyword that they searched for, the more people are likely to click on your ad.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that you match the ad headline to the keyword.

So, if you have the keyword “adwords training” inside an ad group, make sure the headline of the ad reads “adwords training”.

Now, in order to make sure that your keywords are relevant to your ads, you will need to create many ad groups.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are new to AdWords is to put too many keywords in each ad group.

The Impact of Quality Score

Quality score is a score out of 10 given to each of your keywords. It starts at 7, and it will go up or down based on certain factors, which will cause you to have cheaper or more expensive clicks.

If you do a really good job and maintain a high level of relevancy and have a high percentage of people click on your ad, you will be awarded a quality score of 10, causing that click to cost you 30% less than it would normally.

If you do a bad job and get a quality score of 1, you will be charged 600% more for every click.

The key to achieving a high quality score is directly related to the relevancy throughout your AdWords account.

If your ad copy is not relevant to your keyword, not many people are going to click on your ad.

If your keyword or keywords have a low click through rate, Google calculates this as part of their algorithm, decides that your ad is irrelevant, will lower your quality score, and charge you more for each of your clicks as a result

Landing Pages

Finally, you need to make sure that the landing page that the user lands on after clicking on your ad is relevant to the keyword and the ad copy.

If people click on your ad and decide that the place that they landed on wasn’t what they were looking for and then they immediately leave, this will negatively affect your quality score.

Therefore, we need to ensure the page that people land on after clicking on our ad is relevant to the keyword, has what they were looking for, and is attractive and compelling enough to get them to stay on our site.

Also, it’s important to not overpromise within your ad copy. By that I mean suggesting something within your ad copy that isn’t reflected on the page that they land on.

So if you are currently offering a 20% offer and you mention it in your ad copy, make sure you reflect that once they land on your site. Otherwise, they are going to think they are in the wrong place, give up, and leave your site.

That’s all for today.

Relevancy is key, so make it happen, and make more money!

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