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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:57 am

Quality score is one of the most important things to pay attention to inside your AdWords account. Amazingly, it does not even automatically show the figure next to your keywords by default.

To make it appear next to your keywords, navigate to the keywords tab, click on columns > customize columns > and then add qual.score from inside the attributes metric.

Google assigns quality score to keywords based on factors such as the CTR on your ads and the bounce rate on your landing pages.

They want ads to be clicked often and when clicked they want users to prove they got what they were looking for by staying on the site. That way, users get a better experience, and Google’s profit is filled.

Let’s look at the four reasons that make it essential that you pay extremely close attention to quality score for all of your keywords.


Ads Appear In a Better Position

If your ad appears higher, it’s going to have more chance of being clicked, right?

As a way of rewarding ads that perform well and ensuring that they appear in the best position, those ads will appear higher due to their high quality score.

If you manage to out-perform your competitors with more compelling ad copy and better landing pages, you will appear higher than them without spending more.

Clicks Are Cheaper

Another reason why quality score is so important is because it directly impacts the amount you pay for each click.

For most businesses, the CPC of your account is going to be a make or break factor that determines their success.

And with a high quality score resulting in massively cheaper clicks, and a low quality score causing dramatic increases, it becomes extremely important.

Your Account Will Be More Profitable

It’s pretty safe to say that your quality score is capable of single handedly determining how profitable your AdWords account is going to be.

Cheaper clicks and better positioning is going to reduce how much you need to spend to make a conversion. With it costing less to convert traffic, your business is going to get better and better.

Focus on creating compelling ad copy so that users are enticed to click and your CTR increases.

Also, ensure that your landing page offer something valuable to the users, and aligns with what the ad copy was promising. That way, your bounce rate will be lower (which affects quality score) and you will do a better job of converting visitors in the first place.

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