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google adwords common problems

Last Updated on: 11th November 2023, 09:28 pm

At some point or another, it’s going to happen; whether it’s a rise in ad costs, a decline to conversions, or even a complete flatline in your ad groups or campaigns.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are at PPC, some problems will arise that are just out of your control. But there is a simple checklist that you can go through to quickly find the problem, as it will normally be one of the common ones.

We are going to be looking into each of these common problems, and indentifying what the source is, so you don’t have to contact Google Ads Support.

Total Flatline in Your Ad Groups Or Campaigns

Occasionally you will find that after looking through your analytics data, the ups and downs that you are used to seeing have gone. Instead, your data will show a complete flatline.

Here are some of the more common reasons why this occurs.

  • You accidentally added a negative keyword to the account that has blocked something crucial.
  • Your ad position has suddenly lowered or your ad has been disapproved.
  • An issue with low bids or lack of budget in the account.
  • Your quality score has suddenly dipped. (Could be because you promised something that isn’t true within your ad copy, or made some other mistake in the ad copy.)
  • Somebody changed something with the back-end of the site

Your Ad Spend Has Risen

  • Your bid rule is no longer best practice for your account. Experiment by switching between enhanced CPC and manual bidding. It could also be fixed by doing something as simple as aiming for a different position.
  • Lack of negative keywords. Go into your search term report and look for clicks on your ads that are irrelevant.
  • There is an increase in sales. (So why are you worried?!)
  • A change in the competition.
  • A keyword has suddenly risen dramatically in spend.

Your Sales & Leads Have Decreased

  • It could be the time of year. If you have enough data, look deep into your industry and see if sales change by season.
  • You may be out of stock.
  • A competitor has entered the scene and undercut you.

Whilst all of these problems may seem extremely straight-forward, you would be surprised at how many people encounter them and don’t know what to do.

If you ever see a change in the results you are getting from your AdWords account, make sure you go through this checklist to double-check.

google adwords common problems



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