What Do You Know That Could Be Making You Rich?

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What do you know

Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:07 am

Most people will go to university and spend many years acquiring general knowledge in something that won’t necessarily make them rich.

Sure, that knowledge might be the stepping-stone that they needed to take them on to greater things.

But, it didn’t make them rich.

Most of the professors that teach in our education systems have little or no money.

These professors have general knowledge in a certain subject, but general knowledge does not make us rich.

Specialised knowledge is what makes people rich.

I’m not trying to take anything away from the teachers in our education systems. I just want to help you recognise the importance in what you know, and help you realise why it is of so much worth to other people, and why you can sell it.

You acquired specialised knowledge when you spent countless hours building your business.

You acquired specialised knowledge from the sleepless nights that are often a natural side effect to mastering something.

You acquired specialised knowledge through the hard work that went into learning your craft.

Specialised knowledge is worth more and is often much easier and faster to learn than people realise.

The little ad copy tricks that Claire teaches in her marketing courses help people make more sales from their ads.

The techniques she teaches in her marketing courses help people rank their business websites higher in search engines like Google, and they get more leads and sales as a result.

When people use what Claire teaches it makes them more money- that is the key to why it is possible to make so much from creating products that teach others.

Claire spent 4 years in the online marketing space before she decided to take the leap and begin packaging her knowledge into products that she could sell.

During those 4 years she acquired specialised knowledge. Truth be told, she was probably ready to teach others after 2 years.

Don’t place too much importance on the time that you have spent to learn your craft. Instead, focus on it’s worth.

If what you know is making you money now, then it is worth something to other people.

Don’t keep that knowledge hidden, put it out there for the world’s benefit.

Claire’s focus now is on training business owners, coaches and consultants in how they can create online membership programmes of their own.

If you are interested, book in a strategy session here, where you will jump on a call with one of our team to see if you are a good fit for our coaching groups.

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What do you know

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