The Essential First Step To Ensure a Successful Product Launch

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Last Updated on: 7th May 2024, 09:23 pm

In order to make sure that your product launch is successful, you are obviously going to have to be passionate about your subject and build enough buzz surrounding the launch.

But, it is possible to be passionate and generate buzz and fail anyway. Almost every time the failure is down to a lack of preparation.

If you do not align your marketing message and the content of your product with what people are really looking for, you will struggle.

You need to do your homework.

Before you even consider creating the content for the product or beginning to promote its launch, you need to ask questions.

By asking questions, you can dig deep into the fears and concerns that your target market has, and use that as ammunition for your product and its launch.

You will be surprised at how often you hear the same response from multiple people, and how not knowing something could have led to you losing money.

The thing is, if you are launching a product then you already know a great deal about your subject. (or at least I should hope you do)

When this is the case, you will often overlook the simple stuff that many people need to know before they can go any further.

By asking first and getting a feel for what your target market are looking for, you avoid this costly mistake.

There are 3 questions that I suggest you ask your target market.

1) What do you really want to know about?

Whilst this might seem obvious, you will be surprised at some of the information you can uncover by asking this one.

2) What are your fear or concerns that would cause you to struggle, and what would cause you to stop moving forward?

Here we really begin to dig into what keeps your audience up at night. What are they afraid of, and what would cause them to not buy the product. We can use these fears throughout our marketing to deepen the connection with our potential customers.

3) What would you have to hear from me to feel safe to move forward?

With this question we can find out the most important factor to consider in order for our target market to buy. Of course, this is essential to know and could make or break a launch.

In order to ask these questions, you can use social media or your email list to create a survey with a tool like Wufoo or surveymonkey to ask the questions.

If you don’t have a big enough following on social media or no email list, the other option is to pick up the phone and start calling people.

Do whatever it takes to get these questions answered by your prospects. It will change everything.


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