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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:27 am

As many of you know, I’ve helped hundreds of people launch membership sites and to date 16,151 people have watched my webinar

How to Turn Your Expertise into a Membership Site” since I created it last year.

These are my 7 Top Tips for Creating A PROFITABLE membership site quickly

  1. Base your membership site on your expertise. I’ve seen people try and fail to create products around areas they themselves are NOT masters of. The most profitable membership sites simply contain what you do for clients, to help them get the same result you do for your 1 2 1 clients.
  2. One of the biggest things that can stop you is procrastination, or trying to be “perfect”.  The best way to make sure you actually GET IT DONE and out there is to sell it first. Whether it’s sending prospects to an “Early Bird Pre-launch Offer” or getting on the phone with past prospects and clients to get them on board… the biggest success stories are those who actually take action and get people on board BEFORE they go any further into creating their site.
  3. Research other Membership Sites and join one or more to truly understand what works. Have a look at what content they offer. It doesn’t HAVE to be a course that you offer. Maybe some of them offer weekly seminars with guest speakers, or new content added weekly or monthly or maybe even a newsletter sent out once per month
  4. Don’t create the content FIRST – launch your course based on what people tell you they want to know in a survey. Why waste time creating content before you know it will sell? (Also –  take a look at my post here that explains how to launch a membership program this week.)
  5. Build a passionate community – include a Forum, Facebook Group, LinkedIn group or similar so you can build a real community among your members
  6. Build your membership site on a platform that you own. There are many course creation tools out there that charge you monthly – but they’ll take down your site permanently and remove your content if you stop paying. Far safer and easier to happy summeruse something easy and reliable such as WordPress with a theme such as OptimizePress. We build membership sites for our group members using the exact tools I mention here for this reason. They then own their own content, they don’t have to pay a monthly fee and they are not at risk of it being taken down if they forget to pay one month
  7. Record a welcome video – this can be “Face to Camera” or it could just be a demo of the platform using something like Camtasia. Just make sure you show them where to go, what to do, where to get their bonuses and of course – where to get support! Make it easy for them and they’ll recommend you to others PLUS remain members longer

If you’d like to get on the phone with one of my Membership Site Consultants so we can help you plan it out in your business – simply book in a planning session now. If you’d like us to help you get this launched, we can chat about that too – if not then that’s cool too! 🙂

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