Yes- NOW! Why “The Holiday Season” Is ABSOLUTELY The Right Time To Launch Your Marketing Funnel

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to start winding down for 2016.

Cutting the marketing spend.

Maybe you’ve heard that NOW is a bad time to advertise and in be in competition with the main retailers offering Black Friday discounts, Christmas gifts etc etc…

Maybe – you have chosen to pause your plans for business growth.

After all it’s 5 weeks until Christmas.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that people don’t buy anything but GIFTS over the holiday season.

Maybe you’ve been presuming there was zero point in looking to grow your business – and you’ve parked the idea until the New Year.

The truth is… that now is the absolute BEST time to get a new marketing funnel live.

The period just before and after Christmas – and then the New Year period is when people are not only accustomed to SPENDING but they are accustomed to making CHANGES.

Your prospects will have more free TIME  which means they will read your materials – whether it’s ebooks, reports, watching your videos or watching your automated webinars.

They are more likely to COMMIT to change.

In January they are then following through on those commitments so continue to book with people who can help them deliver.

Throughout this entire period – they are more likely to book in calls with people that can deliver that change.

They are more likely to BUY from people that can deliver that change.

Is this YOU?

Can you deliver that change for your clients?

Then you absolutely MUST have an automated marketing funnel live to ensure you are ready to scoop up these prospects and help them deliver changes in their lives.

If you do not – you are doing THEM and YOURSELF a disservice – they want change right NOW and they want someone who can deliver it!

So if you truly want to grow your business and reach clients that want CHANGE… then NOW is the time.

Stop procrastinating and get that automated marketing funnel out there!

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Want to get it live but don’t know how?

I recently launched a Done For You marketing service and I have just TWO spots left.

My latest webinar has brought in £476,322 in sales and has been running solidly since February on repeat. It brings in an average of 35 qualified appointments every single week.

How would YOU like an automated marketing funnel set up that delivers leads on repeat every single week?

That is up and ready to go – by this key holiday period?

UNTIL TUESDAY ONLY, I am offering a complete, start-to-finish, DONE-FOR-YOU automated marketing funnel. Due to the time commitment this is going to need from me, I have just FIVE spots available, (three have already sold) and this offer expires TUESDAY 18TH Nov at midnight UK time – I will NOT be extending the time again.

Here’s what you get:

  • I will PERSONALLY interview you to ensure I understand precisely how to sell YOU. You will tell me what you do, who for, what results you get for clients and anything else I need to ensure we create a webinar that will CONVERT cold traffic into leads. We will do this on Skype or Zoom.
  • I will PERSONALLY create a webinar script for you from start to finish with prompts on what to say, what tone to use and how to connect with your audience. I’ll be using the same webinar structure that my clients and I have used to create MILLIONS from our webinars.
  • I will PERSONALLY create your webinar slides for maximum resonance with your audience – and my graphic design team will create a branded template just for you.
  • I will PERSONALLY create 3 carefully crafted webinar landing pages to bring in cold traffic on autopilot
  • I will PERSONALLY create your email follow up sequence across 7 days – we get an additional 25% to 50% of our leads booking in this way
  • I will PERSONALLY create your Facebook Ad campaign to drive cold traffic into the webinar PLUS create a retargeting campaign to ensure we warm up traffic FAST so they are ready to buy
  • THE OFFER can be ANYTHING you want– (creating phone leads, selling recurring services, direct sale of a program – whatever you choose).
  • AND, if you’re worried about the TECH SIDE, my team will PERSONALLY handle ANY integrations with LeadPages, Click Funnels, StealthSeminar, PayPal, Stripe, or ANY other software you want to use. (My suggestion is to take this webinar and automate it, so it makes sales for you again and again without you even being there…we’ll set that up for you if you like).
  • I will also give you THREE additional ONE-ON-ONE coaching sessions with me to help you get the MOST out of your brand-new automated marketing funnel…you can ask me ANYTHING you want.

I was originally intending to close out this offer on 18th at midnight but I got so many responses –  I’ve not yet had a chance to get back to everyone and have had to book some calls in for next week, so I’m extending it to Tuesday 22nd at midnight UK time.


This is a premium offer that’s going to take a substantial amount of my time to deliver. If you want PREMIUM work from Europe’s leading Automated Marketing Expert – then expect to pay a premium price. The investment will be a  5 figure sum.

This offer is absolutely NOT for new businesses – it is for those who are great at what they do and deliver amazing results for their clients, they just need an efficient way of reaching more people to help.

If you’d like to talk about booking one of these spots – then send me a Facebook message or via my Facebook Page with your telephone number and a few potential times you can talk on Monday or Tuesday.

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