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Increase Conversion Rates on Sales Pages

Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:52 am

It doesn’t really matter what you are selling, the principles always remain the same. Everybody looks for the same signs of trust when looking at a sales page, whether they realise it or not.

Want to triple conversion rates on your sales pages with 5 small tweaks?

Let’s get started.

Headline Promising Results

Let’s face it; the end result is all anybody cares about. They want to know what they are going to get if they buy your product, and they want to know it immediately.

So don’t be too misleading and don’t hold anything back. You can even exaggerate a bit as long as you are not downright lying.

Now for an example; the following is a headline for a bestselling SEO product that broke records on Jvzoo.com.

Millionaire SEO Reveals How To Rank For Huge (Tough) Keywords In Days With 2 Min Copy And Paste Sites

(Proof, live sites, and free report all in this video)

The great thing about this headline is the first thing anybody thinks when they read this is: “What a scam”. “How can I possibly rank for tough keywords with copy and pasted sites?”

Underneath, the promise to provide proof appeals to our curiosity, and we feel compelled to carry on to the video underneath to see the proof for ourselves.

Video Explanation

For those of you that have been sitting on the fence when it comes to video, I’m afraid it’s time to bite the bullet and just get it done. Video sells. It’s a great way to build trust and rapport, which are essential to successful selling. People like to buy from people that they know, like and trust.

It also makes it much easier to explain your product in more detail, as people prefer watching videos to reading massive blocks of text.

If you are ridiculously camera shy then you could outsource the video creation to a professional. But it’s better to create your own to build your personal brand, which will make it easier to upsell other products as well.

Proof & Testimonials

Now that they know what your product is about, you need to show them the proof. An easy way to do this is to find somebody that loves your product, and get them to send you a testimonial over facebook. You can grab that and put it onto your sales page, and it looks genuine because everybody recognises facebook.

You could also cover this stage in the video explanation, by getting video testimonials and putting them in the video itself.

Explain The Features With Text & Pictures

People like to know exactly what they are getting for their money. So it’s really important that every last feature of the product is explained through attractive pictures and text.

However, the key thing to do here is to explain the benefits not the features. People couldn’t really care less about what your product does. They want to know how it will help them. Which problem will it solve? How will it make them more money?

Lay everything out clearly and emphasise the main benefits that they will be receiving.

Increase Conversion Rates on Sales Pages

Use Scarcity Well

Lastly, give people a reason to buy right now. Everybody’s desire to buy is at its highest after they have watched the video, seen the proof and understood the benefits.

If they feel like they can go away for a couple of days and think about it, that desire to buy will slowly decrease.

So take away that option. Don’t let them feel like they have a couple of days to make their minds ups. Sounds a bit mean right? But hey, you told me you wanted to triple your conversion rates, and that’s how it’s done.

Use phrases like “only 10 spots available” or “Trial Price- Price Increases in 2 days”. It doesn’t matter if you tell a complete lie when trying to build scarcity. The internet police aren’t going to hunt you down and throw your computer out the window. And if your product is truly beneficial, the customers will forget all about it.

So that’s everything. Hopefully you took some value out of it. Let me know how you get on with your sales pages in the comments below.

Until next week,


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