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Your Automated Marketing Funnel Is Doomed To Fail – Here’s Why

Sounds great – doesn’t it?

The promise of a single piece of marketing, advertised non stop via Facebook Ads, delivering leads reliably day after day.

Except it isn’t like that.

And here’s why.

A SINGLE piece of marketing – run day after day, being advertised on Facebook will bring you leads for sure. Especially if set up and managed correctly.

It could even bring in leads for a couple of months maybe even 6 months – if you have someone managing the ads who knows what they are doing and tests new audiences, images and ad text regularly.

But what happens after a while?

Ad relevance score creeps in.

A factor Facebook have introduced – similar to Google’s Quality Score in AdWords – to prevent poor quality ads that do not match what the user is looking for.

Facebook wants to STOP users from getting bored with their newsfeed.

This means YOU.

I’ve heard of stories and been informed by my ad rep that Facebook WILL shut down accounts that run persistently with low relevance scores – because they clearly aren’t interested in providing a good user experience.

If you are advertising the same piece of marketing, time after time – to your market then expect your relevance score to be low. 3 or below. Check yours now and you’ll see it in the Ads tab.

It will drop the longer you advertise it. Now of course you can combat this by testing new ad copy, new images, maybe even a new landing page. You might even start looking at other countries, desperately trying to recreate the initial results your campaigns had. If your offer is profitable enough you might even find yourself begrudgingly accepting a lower ROI, being forced to raise prices and sell harder to get people into your programs and services.

Before you know it business isn’t as fun anymore, because your ads are reaching so few people that you’re scraping the barrel and cannot figure out what went wrong – the ads to the same piece of marketing USED to work – so what has happened now? Maybe you’ll even start blaming your competitors, thinking that they are doing something, maybe they’ve changed their advertising strategy recently. YES – that must be it! You think. It’s all their fault…

What has happened is this simple new factor in Facebook’s algorithm, meaning we simply CANNOT advertise just one piece of marketing indefinitely anymore.

It has been confirmed to me that those ads  with low relevance scores will be “throttled” and have lower reach, getting to less people than those ads with higher relevance scores.

And yes, this means that your competitors WILL now win, if they have higher relevance scores.

So instead – we need to pursue a content strategy that delights our audience – and keeps Facebook happy.

The good news is it creates leads which are even BETTER qualified, and trust you even more.

This content strategy involves committing to REGULAR content. FRESH content.  That your audience will love.

If you put this new content in front of your audience – you’re going to get high relevance scores – 8 or above easily.

This keeps Facebook happy, it keeps your prospects happy, and of course – it will keep YOU happy because the leads keep on coming (at a cheaper price too!)

So today – a warning to all of those who think they can rely on just one piece of marketing to bring in the leads….

It ain’t happening – and Facebook has its eye on you.

Claire Jarrett

P.s I’m launching a brand new “Done For You” content creation service where my team and I will deal with ALL of this for you and I am opening up just THREE spots before Christmas to ensure the total quality of our work.

We’ll create all your content for you – including writing your blogs, your emails, your LinkedIn pulse updates, creating your “lead magnets” (ebooks, checklists, reports etc) and then advertise it for you. If you already have past content we will ensure we reuse all of this too.

The content we create has the ultimate aim of bringing you in LEADS and SALES but also creating an engaged audience for you.

And yes we’ll keep an eye on those pesky relevance scores for you…. 🙂

The monthly investment varies depending on how often you want new content and commences at $3000 per month right up to my platinum VIP service which is $15000 per month.  It includes regular one on one phone meetings with me to discuss strategy plus regular time with my team so they can interview you (to ensure they create content that sounds like you!).

If you’d like to reserve one of these spots or chat with me about how it could work for you –  then send me a Facebook message on my personal profile or via my Facebook Page.

NOTE: This is for those offering services, online courses or programs only – this isn’t suitable for MLMs, network marketing or any type of ecommerce store.

Internet Marketing Consultant specialising in turning websites into profit machines!

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