Thank You Pages – Why Aren’t You Doing this? (You Are Probably Doing 2 Out Of 3 of These )

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The “thank you” page that comes after a prospect has made a purchase or becomes a lead is the most underused page on every site throughout the internet.

Are you making the same mistakes?

If the only thing you are doing on your “thank you” page is thanking them, then you need to fix up!

There are essentially 3 goals of the “thank you” page, and most only focus on 2 of them, and completely leave out the 3rd which means they are leaving money for the taking.

Goal 1 – To make sure that the visitor knows for sure that they have successfully made a purchase, signed up for your list or anything else.

Goal 2 – It is also the page that analytics uses to measure the fact that somebody has gone through that part of the funnel. We use this data to track our performance and to measure the cost effectiveness of marketing efforts like paid ads.

Goal 3- This goal is the one that most people almost always miss out. The “thank you” page is also the best possible place to offer something else to the visitor, and this is what we will be focusing on for the rest of this post.

Here’s the thing.

We can all agree that our customers and prospects are most receptive to receiving an offer after they have already taking an offer.

If somebody makes a purchase, they already have their wallet out and it is at that moment in time that they are highly likely to make another one.

So, why are so many people not taking this into account with their thank you pages?

You need to be making offers on your thank you pages!

You don’t even necessarily have to be making an offer of another purchase to them either. It could be anything. You could encourage people to like your Facebook fan page, you could get them to sign up to a separate segmented list, and you could use it as an opportunity to find out more about them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and edit your “thank you” pages now and start pushing people along your funnel at a faster rate.

Thank You

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  1. So true!! I forget that I could up-sell on my thank you page. Good point! Great post!

  2. You called me out with #3. I’ve never really thought about that part, but it makes a lot of sense. Of course, I’m still trying to make some sales, but I guess I can add it to a few other things… that I’m still trying to sell. 🙂

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