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If you are on our email list or saw our last blog post, you probably realise by now that an SEO storm is brewing.

One of the most well respected people in the SEO community is preparing to launch a product that is set to overturn the industry. (Check it out here)

His previous products featured him, and him alone. This time, he is getting in some of the most talented folk around.

Many of them have been behind the scenes for a long time. They have been working on their own projects, and refusing to share what they know with anybody else.

But he has managed to get a bunch of them to offer what they know in this launch. (they are consistently making $100,000 + every single month from client or affiliate SEO, so they know a ton!)

I’m going to be sharing a few little things to do with keyword research for affiliate SEO that were taught in the prelaunch content. If you would rather learn it directly from them, sign up here.

Let’s get into it.

So the affiliate SEO (Dan Anderson) talked about using a different approach to keyword research to what everybody else is doing.

Most people slam some keywords into the keyword planner and base their research around that.

Dan claims that the problem with that is that everybody else is doing it. As a result, almost all of the related keywords that you find in there will be difficult to rank for.

Instead, he advises to use your brain first, and the keyword planner to check their search volumes second.

There were 4 specific things that he mentioned:

First of all, he talked about finding non-obvious keywords related to the product that you are promoting. So for example if you were trying to promote a health product, you could find the scientific meaning behind it and rank for that.

Secondly, he talked about targeting niches with tons of long tail keywords. In these niches, you can avoid the competition by sneaking your site onto the front page for a ton of longer keyword that are related to your target niche.

Thirdly, he advised that you should pay attention to new and untapped niches that are coming onto the scene. If a new health pill is due to be launched, rank for it now to prepare for when everybody is trying to buy it.

Finally, he mentioned a tactic involving foreign niches. There are far less SEOs trying to rank for keywords in different languages. So, you can rank for them and still promote the same products to different countries.

That’s all. If you want to learn more or feel it would be better to learn this stuff from the master himself rather than little old me, sign up here.

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