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Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 06:24 pm

During my time doing Google AdWords for locksmiths, I’m often asked for the top keys to locksmith marketing success – so here is an article sharing them with you all.

But, before we start talking about Google Ads, I just wanted to share with you why I think locksmith marketing is such a unique niche that I decided to specialise in it (besides the fact that my husband is a locksmith of course!)

Locksmith customers are unique in that they have a pain that needs to be fixed pretty much straight away.

If they’re locked out of their house, they need to be let in! While the current recession might lead to some of them sleeping on a friend’s couch to avoid hefty middle of the night charges, they’re still going to need to call you in the morning.

So they need you, and they need you fast. What an amazing business to be in!

So, here are the top fundamentals:

There’s No “You” in “Audience”

When creating marketing materials to appeal to your clients – especially on the web, don’t make it about you. Don’t start sentences with the word “We” or “I” and try to avoid telling them you’re a family business.

Marketing needs to be about how you can help THEM!

Back up Your Claims in Your Locksmith Google Ads

So, in your ads, make sure you include details of how you can help them fast.

Are you able to get there in 30 minutes? Do you offer fixed-fee pricing?

Also, what makes you stand out?

Emphasise all the perks they want to hear about, including free quotes, 24/7 service, competitive pricing, and more. For example, take a look at this ad:

google ads locksmiths example

It highlights key differentiators – afordable prices, non-destructive services, etc.

Define Your Google Ads Target Audience

Precisely define your target market. Make sure you advertise only within the geographical areas it makes sense for you to travel to. There’s no point in advertising in an area if it’s 1½ hour’s drive away as they will just pick someone closer.

There are multiple ways to target Google Ads effectively so people only see your ads within your target area. Watch out for Google expanding this area in the location settings section!

Now the reverse – make it clear how close you are to them and consider offering a guarantee that you’ll be there in an hour or less – it worked for Dominos, so it can work for you!

As your Google Ads start to ramp up, consider creating distinct ads for distinct services. For example, you can run one ad variant for emergency services, and another for door installations. This increases your Quality Score and reduces your Cost Per Click!

Use Sitelinks and Ad Extensions for Locksmiths

Continue to differentiate in your sitelinks and ad extensions. Use location extensions to display your business address, phone number, and a link to directions directly in your ads.

The call extensions will ensure users can call your business directly from the ad with a simple click. Perfect for urgent lock-related situations!

You can also enable click-to-message extensions that allow users to send you text messages directly from your ad. This can be particularly helpful for inquiries, but not so much for emergency situations unless you often check your phone and they’re really, really averse to simply dialling your number.

Unless you’re the only locksmith in town, let them know what makes you different. Perhaps it’s your guarantee of arrival within an hour, or perhaps the fact you can break into 98% of locks without damaging the door – but whatever it is, make sure you make yourself stand out.

This will cut down on price shoppers and mean you can charge higher prices.

Turn One-Off Engagements in Recurring Revenue

Also, consider what you can do to turn one click into a source of ongoing revenue. Create a proactive referral program.

Your customers are your biggest asset and should be great fans of your company. Make it as easy as you can for them to send you business, by texting them your contact details and arrival time, and then asking them to share it.

Carry professional business cards and hand them a dozen, asking them to share with friends!

Websites and Landing Pages for Locksmith Ads

Make sure you have a great website, but don’t make the mistake of including too much text on it. Also, remember that over 90% of searches done in this market are done on a mobile phone, so make sure you have proper mobile landing pages!

When it comes to landing pages, it’d be ideal to create a separate landing page for each bigger geographical area you cover. For example, if you have a bigger team covering Bristol and London, create a dedicated page for each. Otherwise, there may be some confusion, or the leads might think there is no way you’ll arrive in time.

Google Ads Offers Special Features for Local Businesses Like Locksmiths

Consider adding yourself to the Maps function of Google as well as this will tie into your locksmith Google Ad. And while you’re at it, check if you’re eligible for becoming Google Guaranteed, which is a special program for service businesses operating locally and comes with its own badge of trust.

Link your Google Ads account with your Google My Business profile. This allows you to showcase your business information, reviews, and local services directly in your ads. Customers can quickly check and see that you’re a reliable provider whose help they need in this pesky situation!

Make sure you’re using call extensions but don’t bother with call-only ads, they will drop your Quality Score and every single click will cost you more.

Similarly, set up a system to track offline conversions. For example, if someone saw your ad and called you on the phone, you can now track that as a conversion in Google Ads to help optimise your budget.

Use Social Media where appropriate but don’t overdo it. Take part in the conversation but don’t try to sell – aim for a ratio of 10 friendly interactions at least to every one promotional update. Ideally in your update just ask people to make sure they store your mobile phone number as this is the key thing they need!

I guarantee you this…

If you focus on, and execute these locksmith marketing fundamentals, you will have a more profitable and easier year ahead of you.

If you need help with your Google Ads campaigns, then I’d love to help. Contact me via the online chat or here. Or if you want to learn how to achieve rapid Google Ads success in 7 easy steps, get your copy of my best-selling book!

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  1. Thanks for the tips Claire! I liked the location reminder to the new marketers out there. A lot of people forget this one, and get a bunch of clicks that won’t convert, because they are not even from the same city.

    Look forward reading more of your tips.

  2. I found this article whilst looking for other information on locksmiths however I have to agree with the author here, not only is marketing key for a locksmith, it is absolutely essential for their survival as usually the marketplace is crowded and only the active marketing locksmiths usually survive.

  3. Very nice post! And I have to especially agree with the website paragraph. I saw some statistics a while ago about websites and mobile responsiveness; the statistics showed that over 60% of people who view websites on their mobile are unlikely to visit the desktop version if the website is not ‘viewable’ on mobiles. Also, I believe quite a few of us locksmiths should consider investing in mobile applications to partially represent our business

    1. Thanks for your excellent points Peter. Indeed, why would a locked out customer go and view the website on a PC if the mobile website doesn’t work?

  4. Good morning

    I would like some help with our locksmith marketing company.

    Regards Paul.

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