Remarketing Basics: Get Them To Come Back and Buy

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Remarketing Basics

We live in a day where brand recognition is everything. Trust doesn’t come easily, and it takes repetitive brand exposure to a consumer before the consumer is ready to make a purchase.

On average, around 2% of people who land on a website are ready to convert on that first visit (depending on what you sell). So it is obvious that we need to actively chase prospects that come to the site and fail to make a purchase.

Remarketing makes that very easy.

How To Effectively Remarket With Google Analytics

The most effective way to use remarketing is to take a look at your analytics data, especially if you sell different product to different segments of the market.

Let’s say you sell clothing to both men and women of different ages, and you want to get the right type of visitor to see the right remarketing ad and land on the right page.

With analytics, you can easily achieve all of this. The best thing to do is to use the site content report (behavior>site content), which will allow you to identify different areas of your site that are being visited.

From there, you can look at the top-visited areas of your site to determine popular segments work retargeting.

You can also look at site interaction rates to find certain pages that have high traffic, high engagement but low conversion rates. You already know that this page is generating a great deal of interest because of the high engagement, so it makes sense to actively encourage those visitors to return.

It’s also important to test a variety of different time periods. You may find that you get better results by only retargeting up to 30 days. Or you may have to cater for the fact that certain products only sell during certain periods of time, and you will have to match the time period to that.

Finally, remember to try out both image and text ads across the display network. Use different images, sizes and wording, and constantly split test them against each other to keep improving the results that you get.

As always with paid marketing, it’s all about testing. The more effort you put into testing and retesting different theories and ideas, the better return you will receive on your investment. Want expert help with your Google Ads campaigns? Hire a Digital Marketing coach today!

Remarketing Basics

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