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paid media relevancy

Last week Claire talked about paid advertising and offered some killer insights to prevent you from giving up on paid media before you truly start to see its potential. Today I want to dig deeper into one specific problem that people tend to make when […]

Paid Advertising Ain’t For PUSSIES!

by  clairejarrett on  June 24, 2015

So you’ve been hearing from friends, networking colleagues, reading blogs about “Paid Advertising”. Maybe you thought you’d give it a try. You set up a few ads on Facebook or Google, watch it nervously for a day then pause the ads, and decide it didn’t […]

Facebook Mobile Ads: It’s All About Engagement

by  danielblinman on  January 18, 2015
Smart phone media

If you have been using any type of paid media you should have tested out Facebook’s mobile ads. If you haven’t, you need to. When you consider that your ideal customer is probably using Facebook on a daily basis from their mobile phone, you owe […]

The 5-Step Process For Tracking Facebook Conversions

by  danielblinman on  October 3, 2014
tracking facebook conversions

Precise targeting options and cheap clicks are leading to an ever-growing number of marketers and business owners to jump onto Facebook PPC. As more and more money is being invested into Facebook ads, it is important that we learn how to properly track conversions- so […]

Remarketing Basics: Get Them To Come Back and Buy

by  danielblinman on  June 6, 2014
Remarketing Basics

We live in a day where brand recognition is everything. Trust doesn’t come easily, and it takes repetitive brand exposure to a consumer before the consumer if ready to make a purchase. On average, around 2% of people that land on a website are ready […]

Free iPad Mini with new SEO or AdWords Packages

by  clairejarrett on  May 28, 2013
ipad mini

It’s been a long time since we’ve run an offer (6 months in fact) so I’m delighted to bring you our Summer Special offer! Choose any of the packages below and get a FREE iPad Mini with all 3 month contracts (AdWords) or 6 month […]

How to Find Cheap Sources of Paid Traffic- From $0.015 Per Click

by  danielblinman on  February 13, 2013
Attribution- graur codrin

Anybody that is looking to make money on the internet needs traffic to succeed. But more importantly, you need sources of traffic that are cheap enough to ensure you make a profit. Everybody tends to head to Google Ad words for paid traffic, whilst the […]

AdWords Book

I’m delighted that my new book on Pay Per Click  “How to Get Selling on AdWords Fast” has been released today and is now available by instant PDF Download or on Kindle if you prefer at Amazon UK or Amazon USA This book is my […]

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