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3 Tips For Crafting Killer Headlines For Marketing

by  danielblinman on  March 20, 2015
Headline concept.

Whether you are trying to get your message notice across social media, want your website to be clicked on in Google’s search results, or need a better return on your adverts – killer headlines make all the difference. Killer headlines can get you cheaper clicks […]

Native Advertising

Native advertising has been around for a while, and it’s made quite an impact to the way that we do marketing. In this post, we are going to be taking a look at the key reason why it is so important and how it has […]

Automation: Work Less & Achieve More (+ How We Make £2,000 a Week on Autopilot)

I’m going to take the roof off a certain aspect of our business today. I’m hoping it will provide you with some insights as to how you can make better use of technology. If you take these concepts and apply them to your business, I […]

Native Advertising – The Future of Paid Media

by  danielblinman on  February 5, 2014
Native Advertising

Paid advertising has long been a powerful method for businesses to substantially increase the amount of revenue that their business generates. But it has one fatal flaw- we know that it is advertising, so we start to ignore it. The majority of people vaguely understand […]

Why Has My Google Authorship Disappeared?

by  danielblinman on  January 16, 2014
Google adwords conversions

Back on November 2012, I wrote an exclusive post for Social Media Today that outlined the importance of Google authorship, and explained why everyone should take advantage of it. Since then, authorship has come a long way. Anybody that is slightly involved in online marketing […]

8 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate & Increase Engagement + Revenue

by  danielblinman on  January 3, 2014
Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a figure that can be used to work out how many people are leaving your site without visiting any other pages on the site. You want your users to stay and interact with your site. The more engaged your users are, the […]

Why Some Duplicate Content Won’t Harm Your Rankings

by  danielblinman on  December 19, 2013
Duplicate Content

When Google released the Panda update back in February 2011, we all became extremely paranoid about having duplicate content on our sites. And rightfully so, countless sites saw dramatic ranking losses as a result of too much duplicate or thin content. But what most of […]

5 Ways to Triple Conversion Rates On Your Sales Pages

by  danielblinman on  December 5, 2013
Increase Conversion Rates on Sales Pages

It doesn’t really matter what you are selling, the principles always remain the same. Everybody looks for the same signs of trust when looking at a sales page, whether they realise it or not. Want to triple conversion rates on your sales pages with 5 […]

SEO Update: Google Says Press Releases Should Be No Follow

by  Eilidh Macrae on  October 30, 2013

 Google have recently decided to update their link schemes. One of these updates is the decision that links contained in online press releases should from now on be ‘no follow’ meaning engines will not crawl these links. Any press releases containing links that do not […]

The 3 Essential Tools Needed To Make Money Online

by  danielblinman on  March 13, 2013
The 3 Essential Tools Needed To Make Money Online

If you are selling your own products, or promoting other people’s products as an affiliate or in network marketing, there are 3 tools that make life easier. These tools make up the perfect sales funnel to drive traffic through, and substantially increase the amount of […]

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