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Link Building: The Importance of Relevance

by  danielblinman on  January 10, 2014
Link Building

Despite the growing importance of social signals and the occasional clueless nutter claiming that “SEO is dead”, links still play a massive role in rankings. In fact, Matt Cutts (head of webspam at Google) recently said this in an interview with Eric Enge: “Links are
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Why Some Duplicate Content Won’t Harm Your Rankings

by  danielblinman on  December 19, 2013
Duplicate Content

When Google released the Panda update back in February 2011, we all became extremely paranoid about having duplicate content on our sites. And rightfully so, countless sites saw dramatic ranking losses as a result of too much duplicate or thin content. But what most of
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SEO in 2014

2014 is just a few days over a month away now and with this in mind I am turning my thoughts to what 2014 will have in store when it comes to search engine optimisation. For those experienced in SEO you will know that it
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How Does Social Media Marketing Really Help SEO? All Is Revealed…

by  Eilidh Macrae on  November 14, 2013
Social Media Helps SEO

For some time now we’ve all been well aware that social media is becoming essential to SEO and that social signals help determine where your site ranks. This is all very well, but many of us still aren’t putting this into practice. There is one
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SEO Update: Google Says Press Releases Should Be No Follow

by  Eilidh Macrae on  October 30, 2013

 Google have recently decided to update their link schemes. One of these updates is the decision that links contained in online press releases should from now on be ‘no follow’ meaning engines will not crawl these links. Any press releases containing links that do not
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A History Lesson In Search & SEO

by  Eilidh Macrae on  October 23, 2013

With the recent announcement of the latest Google algorithm update; Humming bird, it’s left me thinking about how much the world of SEO has evolved since it first all began. Whilst we have only been using search engines for the last two decades it’s very
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Google’s Hummingbird Update And How It Will Affect SEO

by  Eilidh Macrae on  October 8, 2013

Google have recently announced the long awaited arrival of their latest new algorithm, not surprisingly named ‘Hummingbird’ which follows ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’. Whilst currently details of what exactly this update involves are a little scarce, it’s clear that it will mean big changes for the
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Google Withholds Search Data to Increase Their Ad Revenue

by  danielblinman on  September 30, 2013

We used to be able to see what people searched for when our websites appeared in Google, by taking a quick look at Google analytics. This keyword data proved to be invaluable for site owners looking to increase the amount of profit that their sites
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3 Essential SEO Tips to Keep Google’s Animal Kingdom at Bay

by  clairejarrett on  August 27, 2013
Google animal kingdom

We all need to be wary of the various algorithm updates that dramatically changed the way that SEO works. It doesn’t matter if your site has never been affected by the Panda or Penguin updatse. If you want to successfully raise your site’s online presence,
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Why SEOs Should Create Brands, Not Just Links

by  danielblinman on  August 15, 2013
Why SEOs Should Create Brands, Not Just Links

In February 2009, Google released an update that went largely unnoticed. Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google referred to it as a “minor change”. Some of the more experienced SEOs out there have learned to take everything that Matt says with a pinch
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