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Facebook Marketing: 4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

by  danielblinman on  January 30, 2015
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There is so much advice out there regarding what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to Facebook marketing. We are going to be going back to basics and taking a look at five of the common mistakes that up and coming Facebook marketers […]

The Three-Pronged Facebook Marketing Strategy

by  danielblinman on  January 27, 2015
tracking facebook conversions

Facebook doesn’t need very much introduction. With million upon millions of registered Facebook users and hyper-targeted options, you need to start using it if you have anything at all to bring to market. Whilst Claire covered Facebook marketing in huge detail in her recent course, […]

4 Predictions For Social Media in 2015

by  danielblinman on  December 21, 2014
Facebook Ads

2014 saw a massive increase in both the number of users on social media platforms, as well as the number of businesses that were using it to advertise their businesses. With the end of 2014 coming quickly, let’s look to the new year and make […]

4 Tips For Bringing Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

by  danielblinman on  December 17, 2014
Social Media

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to develop brand awareness and is becoming an increasingly important tactic. Many new businesses take the wrong approach or make a fundamental mistake when getting started. Lets take a look at 5 tips […]

Twitter Marketing: 10 Things You Should Never Do

by  danielblinman on  December 12, 2014
twitter marketing

Twitter has quickly become one of the more popular social media platforms for marketing your business. But, are you doing the right things to maximise exposure and ensure you create a positive opinion for your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the more […]

4 Reasons Why You Are Losing Money With Your Facebook Ads

by  danielblinman on  December 10, 2014
Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have been the hottest online marketing tool since they first became available, and very little has changed. Facebook offers crazy targeting options with the insane amount of data that they have on its users. But click costs are starting to rise, and whilst […]

How Does Social Media Marketing Really Help SEO? All Is Revealed…

by  Eilidh Macrae on  November 14, 2013
Social Media Helps SEO

For some time now we’ve all been well aware that social media is becoming essential to SEO and that social signals help determine where your site ranks. This is all very well, but many of us still aren’t putting this into practice. There is one […]

How To Stalk Effectively Online

by  clairejarrett on  December 5, 2012
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Stalking online can have a purpose, For the business owner, anyway…. I have to confess to regularly stalking online for business purposes, and here’s why! If a prospect calls me or signs up for one of my audits or free courses (which you can do […]

Stop Complaining About Giving Facebook Money for Sponsored Stories

by  clairejarrett on  October 23, 2012
facebook sponsored stories

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Facebook charging people for Sponsoring posts. Some people say they have already paid Facebook once to get the Fan, so why should they pay again to get them to see the posts? THESE PEOPLE WEREN’T SEEING YOUR POSTS […]

How to Build Engaged Facebook Fans Fast Using PPC

by  clairejarrett on  September 6, 2012
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Is your Facebook Page just sat there, with a handful of fans – probably friends, family and colleagues? That’s not much help to your business is it? Before we go any further, bear in mind you do need a small bank of fans as you […]

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