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Using Influencers For Your Marketing Across Social Media

by  danielblinman on  April 24, 2015
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Social media has changed the dynamics between customers and brands. Recommendations from friends are so easily accessible that a positive recommendation goes an extremely long way towards boosting a product’s sales… …And with this change in dynamics comes a form of marketing that has previously […]

5 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

by  danielblinman on  April 22, 2015
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Every business that creates a page on Facebook is faced with the task of acquiring more likes to their page. Without them, you have no social proof and achieving anything substantial with your page will not be possible. Let’s get stuck into 5 simple tactics […]

3 Tips For Offering Better Customer Service Through Social Media

by  danielblinman on  April 18, 2015
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If your customers are on social media, then it makes sense to make the effort to communicate with them on there. It is important that you are extremely attentive and listen to what they have to say; you will acquire insights that will likely help […]

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Connect

If you are trying to stand out in the marketplace as somebody that really know what they are talking about, then one way of helping you to achieve this is to consistently share great content surrounding your topic. By constantly providing top content, you stand […]

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Twitter’s New Video Feature

by  danielblinman on  April 10, 2015
3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Twitter’s New Video Feature

Video is an amazing way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and tell your brand’s story. And now that Twitter has launched a new feature that allows you to upload videos, no doubt many businesses will begin taking advantage of it. It’s […]

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If you are using social media like us, then it is important that you stay up to date with everything that is going on. A slight change could interfere with the way that you are advertising, and it’s always nice to be on top of […]

My 3 Favorite Facebook Ad types & How To Use Them

by  danielblinman on  April 4, 2015
tracking facebook conversions

A few days ago we took a look at Facebook and I offered 3 tips for running better adverts. Today we will be looking at 3 of my favourite adverts and I will be explaining their purpose and when they should be used. Lets jump […]

3 Quick Tips For Running Better Facebook Adverts

by  danielblinman on  April 1, 2015
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Facebook adverts have been around for a good few years now, and the costs associated with them are still surprisingly low. If you compare the costs to AdWords, there is no wonder why more and more businesses are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. Let’s jump […]

Social Network Web Signs

We spend a great deal of time studying what we should be posting about, how to run successful adverts and what images causes greater clicks, but have you ever stopped to consider the implications of the time that you post. Different people are online at […]

Is Facebook Actively Deleting Inactive Users?

by  danielblinman on  March 17, 2015
Internet Hoax

There has been much confusion around whether or not Facebook is actively deleting the accounts of users that are inactive. Back in 2013 users began copying a message onto their profile in fear that Facebook was becoming overpopulated. The message stated that unless you had […]

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