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For a long time now, Facebook have been the most talked about ad platform. Marketers have been constantly getting great results in various industries. Not only does all of the data that Facebook has on its users allow us to pinpoint our perfect prospect, but […]

5 Tips For Becoming a Thought Leader Using Social Media

by  danielblinman on  June 12, 2015
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Becoming a thought leader in your space provides a whole bunch of benefits. The most lucrative effect of becoming a thought leader is that it gives you the opportunity to teach others for high fees, or set up online coaching programs and automate the sales […]

tracking facebook conversions

If you are worried about the change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, then you are in the right place. The recent changes made it harder for us to get our content in front of our fans, and many people are now looking for ways to […]

3 Reasons To Use Advanced Location Targeting on Facebook

by  danielblinman on  May 25, 2015
facebook location targeting

If you do any advertising on Facebook, you will know that it is all about getting the right ads in front of the right people. Aligning the message behind the advert with the targeting you have selected is the make or break factor that determines […]

Connecting on social media

With people scrolling through their social media feeds faster than you can scream “take a look at my brand”, it is very hard to grab a prospect’s attention long enough to have any kind of effect. One of the most effective ways for achieving this […]

4 Tips For Using Visuals In Your Social Media

by  danielblinman on  May 8, 2015
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Using visuals in your social media campaigns is a sure-fire way of getting your audience’s attention – fast! People are mostly disconnected and uninterested when browsing through their favourite social media platform – whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other. Pictures allow you […]

5 Reasons to Setup a Face book Page For Your Business

by  danielblinman on  May 6, 2015
tracking facebook conversions

Setting up a fan page takes a matter of minutes, so you have no excuse not to set up your today and benefit from immediate social proof. In today’s age a business without a fan page is falling behind… …Of course, it takes a lot […]

5 Reasons To Use Social Listening Technology For Your Business

by  danielblinman on  April 29, 2015
Part of head woman with hand to ear listening

Social media listening is the process of monitoring internet mentions of a particular product, brand, business or even a specific person. With conversations across the web happening constantly, it can be hard to work out what is being said. But with free tools like Google […]

Using Influencers For Your Marketing Across Social Media

by  danielblinman on  April 24, 2015
Influencers Marketing Chart of Business Concept

Social media has changed the dynamics between customers and brands. Recommendations from friends are so easily accessible that a positive recommendation goes an extremely long way towards boosting a product’s sales… …And with this change in dynamics comes a form of marketing that has previously […]

5 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

by  danielblinman on  April 22, 2015
tracking facebook conversions

Every business that creates a page on Facebook is faced with the task of acquiring more likes to their page. Without them, you have no social proof and achieving anything substantial with your page will not be possible. Let’s get stuck into 5 simple tactics […]

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