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3 Creative Ways To Use Periscope In Your Business

by  danielblinman on  August 26, 2015

Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock, you would have likely heard or seen the new social media tool that lets you stream live from your mobile. Periscope is a fantastic new tool and the smart marketers are already ahead of the curve and […]

3 New Facebook Features That Marketers Should Know About

by  danielblinman on  August 10, 2015

Facebook is constantly changing and it is essential that you stay on top of these changes, especially if you are using it to market yourself and your business. Some of the latest updates could have a big impact on your business, so let’s take a […]

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It is easy to think that you are making progress with your social media marketing when the only thing you are really doing is wasting time. In fact, there is such a fine line that you might think you just spent the past hour promoting […]

Pinterest Marketing: 3 Daily Tasks To Get Your Started Quickly

by  danielblinman on  July 27, 2015
Pinterest Marketing

With only a few minutes a day, you can get your brand & your business up on Pinterest and you can start getting results with minimal amounts of effort. The first stage is to get set up and be sure to fill out your entire […]

3 Tools to Analyse Your Social Media Efforts & Improve Results

by  danielblinman on  July 24, 2015
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If you aren’t constantly analysing your marketing efforts and refining your strategy based on the data you find, then you are leaking cash. Social media is no different, and with a wide range of tools to choose from, you have no excuse to get started… […]

3 Tips For Effectively Managing Your Brand On Social Media

by  danielblinman on  July 22, 2015
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The ever-growing rise in social media usage is causing more and more people to start re-thinking their approach to it. With intelligent business owners using it to carve themselves out as an expert in their niche, and then using that status to propel their businesses […]


More and more marketers and business owners are starting to use Facebook’s native video to connect with their fans and drive sales. If you haven’t at least tried it out yet, now is the time to start. With video, you are able to engage with […]

3 Ways To Boost The Power Of Your Facebook Ads

by  danielblinman on  July 14, 2015

If you are using Facebook ads to sell anything online, then you will have already been searching for ways to boost your visibility and better funnel prospects towards your products. Well today we are going to be looking at 3 different ways to do exactly […]


For a long time now, Facebook have been the most talked about ad platform. Marketers have been constantly getting great results in various industries. Not only does all of the data that Facebook has on its users allow us to pinpoint our perfect prospect, but […]

5 Tips For Becoming a Thought Leader Using Social Media

by  danielblinman on  June 12, 2015
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Becoming a thought leader in your space provides a whole bunch of benefits. The most lucrative effect of becoming a thought leader is that it gives you the opportunity to teach others for high fees, or set up online coaching programs and automate the sales […]

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